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Public Sector Data as a Service (PSDaaS)

PSDaaS provides real-time insights and actionable intelligence, enabling public sector leaders to make data-driven decisions that improve service delivery and increase operational efficiency.

Data Lake

A centralised platform that enables organisations to store, process, and analyse large amounts of data. It is optimised for big data and analytics workloads and process structured and unstructured data.

SME Data IT Accelerator

A comprehensive IT Solution, packed with real-time inventory insights, e-commerce capabilities, HR management, and data visualisation using Tableau and Power Bi.


At Data n Dashboards, we are passionately committed to making data-driven insights both accessible and user-friendly for our clients. Our core vision is to empower organizations with the transformative power of data, enabling them to make well-informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. We simplify the entire process of data management, analysis, and visualization, ensuring it’s easily accessible to everyone. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, providing expert guidance, and offering unmatched customer support, we aim to assist our clients in achieving their business objectives and securing a competitive edge in the market.

Empowering Success Through Data

We’re proud to be a globally recognized entity with local registrations in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, and Pakistan, and we’re continuously expanding, with our sights now set on the Middle East, including Saudia. At Data n Dashboards, we’re not just about data; we’re about empowering your success


Building Experience & Give High Success Rates

We focus on building a rich experience that directly contributes to high success rates for our clients. Our tailored data management and analytics solutions are designed not just to meet, but to exceed the unique needs of each organization we partner with. By integrating cutting-edge technology and providing expert insights, we ensure that our clients are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary for making impactful, data-driven decisions. This approach has consistently led to enhanced operational efficiencies, improved decision-making processes, and substantial growth in success rates. Our commitment to delivering exceptional value and support positions our clients at the forefront of their industries, making Data n Dashboards a catalyst for transformation and success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Our Tech Stack

Our Mission is to Empower Your Business with Data-Driven Solutions.

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