Community Wellbeing & Place Making Dashboards

Empowering Global Communities with Data-Driven Decision Making

Introducing Our Community Wellbeing & Place Making Dashboards

Our Community Wellbeing & Place Making Dashboards offer a comprehensive suite of interactive tools, including maps, graphs, tables, and narratives, designed to illuminate the quality of life and access to resources across communities worldwide. Recognizing the critical importance of detailed, granular insights into community conditions, these dashboards serve as essential tools for identifying areas in need of improvement and fostering positive change.

Transforming data into pathways for community prosperity, our dashboards illuminate the road to wellbeing and vibrant living spaces, proving that informed decisions are the foundation of thriving societies.

Community Wellbeing & Place Making Dashboards Features

Comprehensive Coverage

Our dashboards span a wide range of themes critical to community wellbeing and development, offering insights into housing, youth wellbeing, and more, with plans to expand into areas such as economic development and environmental sustainability.

Granular Insights

By providing data at the most detailed level available, we ensure that users can drill down into the specifics of their community’s needs and opportunities.

Regular Updates

Leveraging our Data Lake, the dashboards are regularly updated to reflect the latest data, ensuring that stakeholders have access to timely and accurate information.

Community Engagement

All dashboards are published on Tableau Public for community viewing, promoting transparency and broad access to data.

Ongoing Support

Users are added to an exclusive MS Team for continuous support, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing insights and best practices.

Customization and Integration

Organizations can add their data to our Data Lake for integrated analysis, enhancing the relevance and applicability of dashboard insights to their specific context.

Join Us in Shaping Thriving Communities

Our Community Wellbeing & Place Making Dashboards are more than just tools; they are a commitment to empowering communities worldwide with the insights needed to foster wellbeing and create vibrant, sustainable places. By providing a detailed, data-driven view of community conditions and trends, we aim to support the development of strategies that enhance quality of life and ensure equitable access to resources.

Whether you’re a community leader, policymaker, or organization, our dashboards offer the insights and support needed to make a tangible difference.

Our Mission is to Empower Your Business with Data-Driven Solutions.

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