Place Summary Dashboards

SA1 and SA2​ Geographic Zones

This page offers links to dashboards that encompass seven distinct themes, catering to two types of geographic zones: SA1 and SA2. SA1 focuses on detailed, customizable areas, while SA2 aggregates data across broader regions with similar population sizes

Place Summary Dashboards: SA1 and SA2

Local census data dashboards are available in two separate sets, specifically for SA1 and SA2 geographic zones.

SA1, or Statistical Area Units 1, are regions devised by Statistics NZ, previously known as Meshblocks. SA1s offer a finer level of detail in terms of statistical areas, typically comprising 100-200 inhabitants, although this number can extend to 500. These dashboards are particularly beneficial for users who wish to tailor population borders to align with their unique communities. This customization allows for the selection of particular streets within suburbs to be included or excluded from the data. For instance, these areas could correspond to the neighborhoods that a community center considers its domain or a Marae community, which may not conform to official geographic borders. Users can then view the relevant data for the selected area.

SA2, or Statistical Area Units 2, amalgamate data for geographic regions with populations of similar sizes. In urban settings, SA2s generally encompass 2,000 to 4,000 inhabitants, whereas in rural settings, this range is typically 1,000 to 2,000 inhabitants. SA2s represent areas where communities have social and economic interactions.


Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Ethnicity
  • Birthplace
  • Languages Spoken
  • Religion


Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Smoking Behaviour
  • Difficulty Seeing
  • Difficultly Hearing
  • Walking or Climbing Steps
  • Remembering or Concentrating
  • Washing All Over or Dressing
  • Communicating


Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Home Ownership
  • Weekly rent
  • Access to Basic Amenities
  • Dampness
  • Mould
  • Heating
  • Telecommunications

Education & Training

Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Study Participation
  • Qualification

Work, Income & Unpaid Activities

Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Work Labour
  • Occupation
  • Total Personal Income
  • Unpaid Activities

Population & Dwellings

Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Population Count
  • Dwelling Count
  • Migration (Usual residence)
  • Migration (Year since arrival, SA1 data only)
  • Relationship Status
  • Number of Children Born


Includes the following dashboards:  
  • Travel to Work
  • Travel to Education
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